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Rob Deeks

Chief Executive Officer

Rob joined TAO in 2003 as a Project Development Worker and hasn’t left since! He’s dedicated 20 years to working with young people to improve their lives and the wider community.

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Rob has a BA Hons in Peace Studies, an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development and a Level 3 Youth Work qualification. Drawing on his qualifications and extensive experience, Rob leads TAO’s strategic development. He oversees fundraising and financial management
as well as the day-to-day operations. He’s the man behind ensuring we engage with young people, volunteers, staff and the wider community. He helps develop new projects, programmes and evaluations that get their voices heard. He also works with networks and partnerships to continue TAO’s growth.
And, he couldn’t do it without the TAO team! He champions our collective vision to help make safer futures for young people. He values his colleagues and finds it an honour to work alongside them. Rob is keen for Slough to gain more recognition for the strength and quality of the relationships between its communities.
When not busy at TAO, Rob is a school governor and trustee for The Gordon Palmer Memorial Trust.

He keeps chickens, enjoys cooking and also plays and watches football.

Aliya Chaudhri

Young Carers Lead 

A qualified Early Years Teacher, Aliya joined us in June 2020. She applies her teaching skills to facilitate respite sessions for the Young Carers of Slough and surrounding areas.

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As the Slough Young Carers Lead, Aliya plans and delivers weekly online workshop sessions and respite activities. She provides opportunities for Young Carers to spend time with their peers to recognise they are not alone. Aliya works with families, schools and Children’s Services. Together, they support Young Carers in improving their resilience, educational opportunities and well-being. She also works with local agencies to signpost families to local services, action planning, one-to-one support or our workshop programme.
Young Carers are often under-represented and under-recognised. That’s why Aliya’s role is crucial in giving them a voice and power. They have a say in planning respite, activities and outings. This makes each session more valuable, beneficial and enjoyable.
Aliya would like to raise further awareness for Young Carers of Slough. She advocates for in-school support to offer a chance at childhood sooner rather than later.
Outside of work, Aliya enjoys spending time in nature and reading. She also likes dancing with her unrhythmic feet (her words, not ours)!

Hussein Jamal Mahmood

Mental Health Project Co-ordinator

Hussein joined TAO in January 2023 as our Mental Health Project Co-ordinator. He is keen to share his philosophy that young people are the most powerful mechanism for change.

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Hussein has a BSc in Psychology and Counselling, an MSc/Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Therapies and Interventions, a Certificate in Islamic Counselling Skills Level 3 and has been a Mental Health First Aider as of August 2023. Using this wealth of experience, Hussein manages and runs our Boost and HATCH projects.
Boost is a joint project between TAO and CAMHS NHS Frimley Trust. It provides emotional and practical support for young people in significant distress. Hussein oversees team management and training, referrals, group supervision, collating resources and clinical supervision.
Hussein also handles our employability project, HATCH, in partnership with KFC and UK Youth. The project grants young people two weeks of work prep and four weeks of paid work experience at a local KFC in Slough!
For Hussein, combining community psychology with youth work is vital for young people. Yet, it’s not seen enough in the current mental health sector. He aims to improve holistic mental health services – starting with Boost!
Hussein is partial to a game of FIFA in his downtime and is a big Man United fan. He’s also looking to get back into kickboxing soon.

Rosa Hopkins

Training Lead

Rosa joined TAO as a Project Worker in Sept 2015 and has since become our Training Lead. She has a BA in Politics and International Relations, an MA in Conflict Resolution, a Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work Practice and a Mental Health First Aider qualification.

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At TAO, Rosa develops training programmes for young people. The themes are around conflict, community cohesion, anti-racism and mental health. She ensures the training
programmes are according to the young people’s needs and aims identified by teachers and school leaders. The training team prepare the resources while Rosa facilitates the sessions
with other TAO team members. She manages session feedback to ensure each training programme hits the mark!

Rosa helps young people realise they can impact change in their communities. She champions their unique personalities, skills and perspectives. She helps build their confidence in handling tough emotions, mental health challenges and conflict situations.

Outside work, Rosa thrives in being outdoors. She’s a member of a running club, a qualified kayaking coach (though she wished she kayaked more!), keen walker and camping enthusiast. Rosa also volunteers with The Woodcraft Folk to run weekly sessions for 6 to 9- year-olds.

Ibby White

Youth Worker

Having joined us as a volunteer in 2016, Ibrahim (or Ibby, as he’s fondly known) became a TAO staff member in 2020. Ibby runs several youth clubs and has qualifications in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid. He also helped lead the Slough Mass Vaccination Programme!

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At TAO, Ibby delivers in-school workshops for children in Years 4 to 11. He currently runs The Hive for Year 6 at Langley Heritage Primary School and Year 7 at Kedermister Park Hall. Ibby also runs The Pump Room and is on the Global Grub team – part of our HAF project. He is also on our Navigators, Boost and Volunteer Night teams. In each group, he works with young people to provide emotional and practical support, helping them engage with their wider communities.
Seeing young people build confidence, improve mental well-being and develop their personalities drives Ibby to continue being a positive male role model. He’s witnessed the impact TAO has on fostering young people’s success. So, he’d like to see more youth community spaces for young people and over 18s. After all, when young people win, we win, too!
Outside of work, Ibby enjoys spending time with friends and family. He’s interested in fashion and even runs a custom shoe and clothing business. A keen foodie and traveller, Ibby enjoys finding the best places to eat locally and abroad!

Romaan Khalil

Youth Violence Reduction Project Co-ordinator

Romaan joined TAO at age 12 as a volunteer and progressed into a Sessional Youth Worker at 18. She then transitioned into a pivotal full-time team member in April 2021.

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Romaan has a BSc Hons in Criminology and International Relations and a Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work. At TAO, she manages the Hospital Navigators Project with Wexham Park Hospital’s Safeguarding Team and Thames Valley Police. Romaan joins the Hospital Navigator team in the Emergency Department. She supports any young people admitted due to mental health, substance use or violence-related reasons. She encourages them to engage with the youth provisions provided by TAO and other partners. Romaan also runs Girls Group, a safe space for young women and girls to relax while enjoying fun activities and workshops.
As a young volunteer, the TAO team’s enthusiasm inspired Romaan in her career choice.
She also wanted to support young people by putting them first and getting their voices heard. Now, her role allows her to do that. She helps young people improve their mental health and well-being while encouraging them to achieve their goals.
As well as supporting young people, Romaan enjoys dancing and spending time with her little sister.

Jovi Armotrading

SEND Engagement and Participation Officer

Jovi joined TAO in 2023 as our first SEND Engagement and Participation Officer. She has long admired the work we do to support the community and our history of empowering young people. And now, she is a part of that legacy!

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Jovi has a BSc in Psychology and a wealth of SEND experience. At TAO, she increases service accessibility in Slough for children and young people. Her work provides a much- needed platform for young people with SEND to meaningfully engage, learn and enjoy activities within their local community. And, she wants to see more. Jovi aims to increase the number of young people using platforms to share their views with decision-makers. She supports young people with SEND transition to adulthood by giving them the skills to advocate for themselves. Jovi wants their thoughts to be actively listened to and considered.
Outside of work, Jovi is a keen dancer currently learning salsa. She also likes working on her health and fitness at the gym.

Aida Ahmed

Sessional Youth Worker

From attendee to volunteer to Sessional Youth Worker. Aida started attending whilst in Year 12 and began working with us halfway through her first year of university in April 2021. She earned a BSc in Psychology and Counselling and an NYA Level 2 Youth Work Principles qualification.

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As a Sessional Youth Worker, Aida’s got her fingers in many pies. She runs the Windsor Pump Room youth group, co-runs the Hive (a transition group for Years 5 to 8) and works on planning and delivering our Global Grub initiative as part of HAF activities. She’s also a team member of the Boost and Navigator programmes and part of the Detached Youth Project team in RBWM.
Aida prioritises making every young person feel included. She ensures they are aware of the support available to them so they can fulfil their dreams. Whether that’s offering tools and services, a friendly ear or general guidance. Her goal is to see more young people come out of their shells to let their personalities shine.
When she’s not running from session to session, Aida likes to play the piano, head to the gym or go on long walks. She also enjoys cooking and attempting dishes from different countries.

Sanna Malik

Sessional Youth Worker

Sanna first joined us as a volunteer in 2016 while taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award with her sister. After her first session (which was with Mark Prince OBE), Sanna was hooked on the amazing work we do at TAO and never left! She’s since become an important part of the TAO team as a Sessional Youth Worker.

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Sanna has a BA in International Relations and an NYA Level 2 Youth Work Principles qualification. At TAO, she co-runs several of our initiatives for young people, including Girls Group, The Hive and Global Grub. She’s also a team member of Boost and Volunteer Night.
Like the rest of the TAO team, building community and safety while creating a positive environment for young people is so important to Sanna. She is keen to work towards more community spaces for young people and better access to mental health support for those with SEND and refugees.
Outside work, Sanna loves reading and long walks to feed the ducks! She’s an Arsenal FC supporter and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Jemma Zaveri

Youth Worker

Having volunteered since January 2016, Jemma has become a pivotal part of the TAO team. She has a BSc Hons in Youth Work, is JNC qualified and handles supporting Girls Group to help the girls thrive. Jemma also supports other young people and staff when needed.

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As a Youth Worker, Jemma offers young women and girls a safe space to be themselves. Whether at school, college, home or in community settings, Jemma is a pillar of support, encouragement and safety for the young people she works with. She loves seeing the girls she’s supported use their newfound confidence. The girls often step up to take responsibility in different sessions and some progress to staff roles at TAO.
What drew Jemma to TAO was our commitment to inclusivity. She applauds our offer of equal opportunities no matter where people come from or when they join the team.
In her spare time, Jemma is a self-confessed self-care queen! She relishes a day of pampering followed by a good karaoke session in the car, shower or at a concert.


Creative Producer for Empoword

Having attended Empoword events since its conception in 2014, Desree is now the Creative Producer! She is a multi-award-winning spoken word artist, playwright and facilitator. Desree has worked with WaterAid, Glastonbury Festival, TEDx, Confidence Live, Home Slough, Breakin’ Conventions, Great Ormond Street Hospital and National Literacy Trust.

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As a facilitator, Desree uses her art to engage anywhere people have a story. She’s worked with Synergy Theatre Company, Imperial College London and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. She delivered projects to boost confidence, create social consciousness, promote well-being and create tools for managing mental health.
At TAO, Desree creates and manages Empoword project timelines, budgets, and resources. She provides creative direction and guidance to ensure each project aligns with the Empoword Poetry Foundry (an Arts Council England funded project) objectives and vision.
Investing time, resources and effort into supporting and empowering young people is crucial for building a stronger society and future.

Empoword Poetry Foundry aims to create accessible poetry events, workshops, performances and job opportunities. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can engage with poetry, improve well-being and reconnect with others while developing new skills.
Desree bought a pair of skates in 2020 and has been looking at them since hoping she will magically learn to skate. The same goes for her Duolingo French lessons.

Henna Hussain

Head Coach

Henna first started with us back in 2016 as a volunteer. Then, she quickly worked up to becoming one of our Sessional Workers here at TAO. Henna has a BA in Social Science, Community Development & Youth Work as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work.

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A keen footballer, Henna delivers weekly football sessions for boys in the local area. She is keen to engage with young people to support their success by providing them with positive outlets and opportunities – on and off the pitch. Henna draws inspiration from the constant positive engagement of young people during sessions. She admires the unwavering support in helping to build confidence in those who lack it.
Henna’s love for football isn’t confined to the working day! She is often found practising on the pitch outside of running her local sessions. She also enjoys watching various TV shows and spending time with her family and friends.

Alisha Singh

Administrator/workshop assistant

Administrator by day, workshop assistant by night. Alisha joined us in June 2021. She is trained in First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Health and Safety, Child Protection and Safeguarding, and Prevent Duty.

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She spends her mornings looking after TAO’s administration. And, in the evening, Alisha helps one of our Girls Group attendees with Cerebral Palsy to ensure she’s engaged and supported in each session.
During her assessment day for TAO, Alisha discovered how we’re all like one big family – and she’s not wrong! Everyone, from our full-time staff to our volunteers, is working towards creating positive changes in our community and within themselves. Just like a family, we have everyone’s best interest at heart.
Outside of work, Alisha is a keen wordsmith who dabbles in both reading and writing. She also likes to express her creativity through drawing and looks forward to a spot of gaming.

Kevin Muhammad

Food Teacher

Kevin has been with TAO since 2021, bringing culinary creativity, skills and education to the young people of Slough. He is a qualified and trained chef with an additional PTTLS qualification. Kevin is the brains behind running cooking classes to help develop food knowledge and skills in young people.

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His work with TAO is crucial for passing on necessary skills to young people in an engaging way. Kevin prioritises making each cookery class a fun environment that facilitates learning.
The aim is to instil more confidence in young people to cook for themselves and their families.
Looking to the future, Kevin has his eye on creating workshops for parents. The aim? Show how to cook healthy (and tasty) meals that are quick, easy and affordable.
Outside of the kitchen, Kevin likes to swap his apron for a football kit. He’s also a keen traveller with an interest in films, music and theatre.

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