Anyone driving down the A4 Bath Road would struggle not to notice the rejuvenated frontage of Dukes House, part of the Queensmere Shopping Centre. For a long time it has had the appearance of an abandoned building. Not a good advert for Slough at all!

In its place, Slough Hub have supported local photographer and smart phone photography advocate, Mike Swift, to create something sensational and we are proud to have contributed to it.
Dukes House now proudly displays 44 portrait images captured by 10 smartphone photographers. Furthermore, each portrait represents a different language or dialect spoken in Slough, with the word “WELCOME” displayed underneath in the corresponding language.
Mike shared his vision with young people at Together As One and our young volunteers were inspired to share their welcome in languages as diverse as Tamil, Malayalam and Ga.
Together As One volunteers say 'welcome.'

Together As One volunteers say ‘welcome.’

Once Mike had explained what he was striving to achieve we asked “so who speaks a different language and would be willing to be in the exhibition?” Ayra asked, “does sign language count?” Yes it does, Ayra! We are very proud to have a group of young people that is both diverse and inclusive.
Ayra and the signs for welcome

Ayra and the signs for welcome

We would like to congratulate Mike and the team at Slough Hub for creating such a beautiful welcome to our town and to thank our young volunteers for being so enthusiastic about the project. In a world where division is all too common, visible signs of our togetherness have rarely been so welcome.