We welcome referrals from other services.

Some quick clarifiers:

11+ only, apart from young carers

All our services are for young people aged 11+ apart from our young carers service which supports young people 5+. The referral process for young carers can be found here.

No direct referrals for Boost

The Boost Project has attracted an enormous amount of interest. Unfortunately referrals to this program can only be made by East Berkshire’s CAMHS Specialist Community Team. We are in the process of designing open access mental health support.

How to refer

1. Find out what interests the young person/people you are supporting. A table below summarises our provisions. There are also provisions run by our colleagues in the Youth Engagement Slough (YES) consortium. The programme can be downloaded here. It is worth noting that the different organisations will have different processes and procedures when it comes to referrals.
2. Talk to us – help us understand why the young person or their family are open to you. Let us know when they intend to attend their first session and we will ensure staff are aware and give them the warmest of welcomes. The contact details of the lead for each provision are below:

Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm, Volunteer – Rosa – 07540 750269 – [email protected] 
Wednesdays, 5.30pm-7pm, Football – Henna – 07496 143957 – [email protected] 
Wednesdays, 5.30pm, Young Carers – Aliya – 07547 559050 – [email protected] 
Thursdays, 5.30pm-7pm, Girls’ Group – Romaan – 07709 525693 – [email protected]

3. Ask the parent/guardian of the young person to complete our registration form:  

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

If the young person requires additional support due to SEND we can advise on the most appropriate sessions and the adjustments we can make. Contact Jovi for more information: 07709 525687 [email protected] 

What Works

For most young people, turning up at a provision, by themselves, at an unfamiliar venue is a nerve-wracking prospect. Youth workers and social workers who are able to accompany the young person to their first session have a far higher success rate than those who do not.


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