As an organisation we have been through some big changes in recent years – a complete rebrand in fact, changing our name and our logo. The changes have not just been to “the skin” of the organisation, as we have developed new work streams, involving supporting young people with mental health and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Throughout this period, it felt more and more important that we find a way to communicate with our supporters and partners. Our previous website was ‘state of the art’ when it was first launched but had become less and less fit-for-purpose over the years. We knew of the work of Kehorne and engaged them to build the website you’re reading this post on!

Previously, I would have privately thanked the team involved but while thinking about what we wanted to communicate via the site, it occurred to us that part of what we wanted to do, was assign credit where it’s due! To say “thank you” more publicly and loudly, because gratitude is good for everyone involved. This blog post from the Harvard Medical School suggests that feeling grateful and expressing gratitude can even have a positive impact on our physical health.

The Human Touch

At the time of writing AI has taken off to an extraordinary extent and the pace of change is dizzying. With increases in automatic and intuitive design, there is an argument to suggest that many design jobs will be automated in the future. But we are still human beings after all and it is the human touch which has made the creation of this site possible.

We have been trying to develop a web presence which can meet the needs of funders interested in our work, partners interested in potentially working with us, young people interested in volunteering with us and so on. Trying to develop something for so many audiences has not been straightforward – and in some ways, this site is still a work in progress (not least because we are still drafting copy for some sections!). However, Kehorne have been instrumental in helping us to unpick how we communicate with these different stakeholders via the site – and we are confident we will be asking for their insights again in the future. In the meantime, we wanted to take a moment to thank Kehorne for all their hard work thus far – it has been an absolute pleasure working with them.