The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Support Form was created by the SEND Youth Focus Group as part of a participation project where young people get to use their experiences to drive change around Slough.

This form was created for activity providers to help them better understand the young people at their provision and how they can support them.

The activity leaders can give the parents or young people the option to fill out this form when they first join the activity. Once completed, this form can be stored and referred to when necessary.

If a youth activity does not provide this form young people and parents / carers can also take this form with them if they believe it will provide helpful information to the leaders and/or will make the young person feel more comfortable.

This form can be downloaded and edited. This allows you to complete the form on a device and then email or print off the form.

SEND Support Form

In the SEND Youth Focus Group the young people shared that some of the useful qualities that staff working with people with additional needs can have are being understanding, attentive, having the ability to build a rapport, the ability to speak calmly and  quietly and being knowledgeable on SEND. They also always appreciate a supportive staff member that makes the effort to get to know them.

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The SEND Youth Focus Group creates a space where young people can meaningfully discuss their experience, socialise and play games in a fun and inclusive environment.

The group is open to 11-25 year olds with SEND. To find out more information please contact the SEND Engagement and Participation Officer Jovi on 07709525687 or [email protected]